Why investing in a smart grid system is the right choice?

9 June, 2021

What are the benefits of investing in a smart grid system? The answer to this question is related to the needs of companies in today’s world. Today, companies have entered into a process of modernizing their infrastructure, investing a large part of their budget in disruptive technologies that allow them to be highly competitive. One of them is smart grid technology.

This operates through the analysis of large amounts of information for decision making (big data), supported by devices capable of interacting with the physical environment, extracting information and reporting it through a network (internet of things). In this way, internet of things devices, advances in new information and communication technologies, and new energy developments are integrated with the aim of implementing an efficient and rational use of electrical energy. This paradigm is known as smart grid.

By investing in a smart grid system, an organization is looking for:

  • Improve their competitiveness
  • Project its expansion plans
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower operating costs

All these benefits can be achieved through efficient power management, so investing in a smart grid system is essential.


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What are the benefits of investing in a smart grid system?

Smart grids provide better monitoring and control of electrical energy. In this sense, the main benefits for any user are:

  • Dynamic billing

It provides the necessary mechanisms to be able to estimate peak consumption, peak demands and times of use of the electrical network in real time. This is of utmost importance, since during peak demand periods, the price of grid energy is higher.

Likewise, the grid billing policies also contemplate the demand history and real-time energy demand in order to make an estimate of the total demand. In this way, the user will be able to estimate total demand and plan financial operations.

  • Smart energy meters

Investing in a smart grid system involves the use of smart energy meters that allow the exchange of information in real time between the customer and the supply provider. In this way, it is possible to plan the operation of the company’s activities according to the energy supplier’s knowledge of peak demand hours.

  • Implementation of micro-grids

A micro-grid is the interconnection of several electrical devices in low-voltage systems. A micro-grid can be connected to the main power grid, but with the advantage of being able to disconnect or isolate itself from the main grid in case of failure, intrusion or any other danger or potential failure detected. This mechanism is also activated in the event of a sustained power outage or to avoid grid saturation, thus employing the use of alternative renewable energy sources so that companies can continue their critical operations.

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How can I easily start using these technologies?

The Industronic Energy Monitor or MDE-IND is a smart energy meter capable of measuring energy consumption and power quality parameters via remote, in real time. These data are transformed into reports that allow you to:
  • Have electricity billing in a dynamic way, in real time and with the automatic updating of the rates of the energy supplier CFE.
  • Detect potential faults in the customer’s electrical network such as: overloads, sustained high voltages, high harmonic content, low power factor, among others.
  • Alert or notify the customer of a fault condition, via remote and in real time via email or SMS.
  • Monitor in real time all electrical parameters through a web portal with an intuitive and friendly user interface.
  • Host data in the cloud, to know the historical information of the electrical network of your company. This local storage in a SD memory with information for up to 1 year.
  • Wireless connectivity, through cellular or WiFi connection for plug and play installation.
  • Perform analysis of historical information, to detect trends, patterns or dynamics of electrical energy behavior over time. This favors predictive maintenance instead of corrective maintenance.

In summary, investing in a smart grid system offers multiple advantages for today’s organizations in terms of productivity, energy savings and operational efficiency. Access to this technology is becoming easier and easier to use and install.

In Grupo Industronic, we developed the MDE-IND in order to facilitate access to this cutting-edge technology to many companies; providing a personalized service and a constant accompaniment to the process of each user in their plans for energy savings, change of consumption habits or detection of faults in the power grid, present and/or potential.

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