Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Industronic UPS incorporates energy functions specifically designed for critical loads. Double on-line conversion ensures continuous operation and guarantees clean and stable voltage on the output, regardless of variations in the electrical power supply. The transformer provides full galvanic isolation for the load. Cold Start feature enables automatic startup during any power interruptions providing continuous operation and reliability.

UPS-IND RP 1203, Single Phase

3 kVA

This robust rack model is ideal for vertical or horizontal installations and is designed to prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment due to common, yet dangerous electrical problems.

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UPS-IND 1110 Single Phase

1 kVA

Sturdy and dependable for protecting equipment from an array of electrical problems while providing necessary battery backup in case of power interruption.

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UPS-IND RP 1100 Single Phase

1~3 kVA

Compact rack mountable configuration is ideal for data servers. Additional battery packs may be added to suit unique needs. On line, double conversion technology allows for autonomous operation with full protection against dangerous electrical damage.

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UPS-IND 1222 Two Phase

3 kVA

High precision protection from dangerous electrical voltages and other common disturbances, providing extended life expectancy and providing clean, reliable uninterrupted power.

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UPS-IND 1200 HF Two Phase

6 & 10 kVA

New high frecuency HF UPS is the optimum protection for complex electrical networks. Battery back up as well as voltage correction offer continuos protection to connected equipment.

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UPS IND HF 1300 M1

10 ~ 20 kVA

The high frequency UPS-IND HF 1300 M1 provides power backup solutions for critical loads, thanks to its three-level inverter with PWM type IGBT technology provides adaptive management to higher powers, operating at high speed and higher efficiency.

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UPS-IND 1300 10-30

10 ~ 30 kVA

Complete On Line Double Conversion UPS offers protection in complex electrical environments with continuous operation functionality.

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UPS-IND HF 1300 10-30

15 ~ 30 kVA

High Frequency On Line Double Conversion UPS is the most complete solution for protecting critical loads, allowing the user continuous operation and clean, regulated voltage.

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