Why you should install an Energy Monitor?

26 April, 2021

An Energy Monitor is a device that allows us to know the amount of energy consumed in a particular time and place. It can be in a house, office, building or factory. The most basic version of this device can be found outside your home; this meter is used by the energy company to measure your consumption and calculate the energy bill.

In other words, each appliance connected to the power grid (television, washing machine, computer), consumes an amount of energy while it is on, and the meter records the cumulative consumption of all appliances. However, there are monitors with advanced capabilities, one of them is the new MDE-IND Energy Monitor.


How does the MDE-IND Energy Monitor differ from a conventional meter?

An MDE-IND energy monitor exceeds the functions of a traditional energy meter by providing the following additional benefits:

  • Measurement and recording of energy consumption
    The MDE-IND Energy Monitor allows the user to identify the days and exact times with the highest energy demand. This information is valuable as there is an hourly rate from the supply network. So, by identifying consumption habits and avoiding using energy in the so-called “peak hours”, savings will be generated in your operating expenses.
  • Detection of trends and patterns of energy consumption
    Detection of energy consumption trends and patterns. This feature of the MDE-IND Energy Monitor enables the user to detect atypical consumption outside working hours, downtime in its operation, potential failure conditions in equipment or machines connected to the power grid and relate energy consumption with the number of products manufactured. It is a useful tool for production management.
  • Real-time remote management of Power Quality
    The MDE-IND Energy Monitor reports in real time all the necessary parameters for power quality management: voltage variations, power outages, power factor, harmonic content, voltage and current unbalances, among others. These are some of the variables that the user can visualize through any device connected to the Internet.

This function gives the user the possibility to be informed remotely, and almost instantaneously, when any eventuality occurs in the power supply.

This allows you to take corrective actions to ensure the continuity of your operation and avoid unscheduled downtime.

Monitoreo de energía

What other functions does the MDE-IND Energy Monitor have?

  • Configurable alarms.
    The user can select the most relevant parameters for sending automatic notifications via SMS or e-mail. This allows to notify only the information that the user considers critical for the management of its activities.
  • Intuitive interface for information analysis.
    Through simple graphs and dashboards the user can learn more in detail the behavior of the energy at the measurement site. This is especially important to identify electrical disturbances that affect the useful life of the equipment.
  • Electricity bill estimation.
    The MDE-IND Energy Monitor allows you to make a forecast or estimate of your electric bill. In this way, it is possible to have a better control of operating expenses and thus take measures that generate savings in your billing.

How can the MDE-IND Energy Monitor help me comply with the new Grid Code?

Since 2019, the Grid Code came into force, which is: a mandatory technical regulation that establishes compliance parameters in terms of power quality in a load center. This standard applies to all load centers connected to the National Electric System (SEN). However, many companies are still unaware of this issue and risk being sanctioned with fines ranging from 50 to 200 thousand minimum wages. In this sense, having the MDE-IND Energy Monitor helps to identify the parameters that are not being met and to take the necessary actions to correct them.

In conclusion, the MDE-IND energy monitor is an ally in the management of electrical energy because, through the information it captures, it is possible to take measures to save on billing, maintenance of machinery and facilities and ensure the power quality.

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